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Women's coat

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Chinchilla women's coat.

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 This stunning Francesca Coat is the embodiment of timeless elegance and exquisite taste. The sophisticated design works beautifully with any understated or extravagant ensemble alike, making this chinchilla coat a versatile addition to any cool-weather outerwear collection. The coat features a straight cut for every shape, an elegant slightly widened bottom sweep, and a low-cut stand-up collar. Wear with leather pants and long boots for an extraordinary look, or even a dress under. Very warm model, suitable for winter.

Chinchilla Fur Care
It is true that a chinchilla coat is very delicate and prone to tears. In addition, it is fur that you do not want to have soaked or wearing in the rain. Also, you should avoid hanging it in a place exposed to the sun as the white parts will turn yellow. Wearing a chinchilla coat while driving is not advisable since the hair is delicate and will rub between you and the seat. Bags with straps should be avoided for the same reason.

Of course, chinchilla is a noble fur. The impact it has and the image of fine taste that it projects is huge and counters the durability drawbacks.

Model height 169 cm, wears a size S.

Clothing Sizes Table